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Bạn đang thắc mắc tại sao Youtuber nổi tiếng kể truyện tại sao lại trở thành Animator?

On my Instagram I try to reply as often as I can to questions about art and animation

I know a lot of you who watch my content are young aspiring artists or you want to get into animation and you don’t know where to start

And although my Instagram DMS are always open

There’s only so many times. I can answer the same question over and over again.

And while this video isn’t going to be a direct response to a specific question ,

I will be talking about my journey into digital art and how I became an animator

Hopefully this will provide somewhat of a blueprint to those of you that want to follow in the same footsteps

I should also mention this video is sponsored by Wacom

I’m going to talk about it more at the end of this video

but I’m really happy to have their endorsement particularly on this video because

Wacom played a big role into my artistic journey as you will soon find out so where did it all start for me?

Well first, let’s set the scene a little bit I grew up in

Post-communist Romania sharing a small room with my brother who was one year older than me

I mean, he still is one year older. We just don’t share a room anymore

Thank God but for a very long time we were both crammed into this very tiny space

we were raised by a single mother and our

Grandparents on her side who also shared a room

My grandpa slept on the couch and my mom and my grandma slept on the floor

I’m telling you this because I know there’s a lot of kids out there in similar situations who don’t even dream of becoming a

Financially independent artist because they don’t even know that’s possible. So we were poor as heck. I didn’t have any guidance

I didn’t even know I wanted to become an animator

I was just doodling and drawing comics all day long because I was really shy I was

Bullied in school for me drawing was not a hobby. It was an escape

We have this old computer that me and my brother would always fight over and I remember one day as I was on the computer


2006 I found out about this website called deviantART

It was a forum of artists of all ages and skill levels where people shared their art

But also tips and all kinds of useful information

It was here that I found out about digital art and I fell in love with it

I was 14 and my new goal was to become a comic book digital artist

I found out about Photoshop and drawing tablets and everyone was recommending and raving about Wacom

So as a broke 14 year old I started running errands for kids in my school

I’d go buy lunch for them and they gave me a cut of their money

And I saved up every penny until I had just enough to buy my first Wacom tablet

It was a used older model that I bought at half price

it was

200 romanian lei at that time around

60 US dollars and he could have easily been a scam but it was the only way that I could afford a drawing tablet

I waited and counted the days for it to get in the mail

And as soon as I got my hands on it, I used it every single day

But here’s the important thing that you need to understand as an artist

You need to grow on two separate lanes

You need to of course develop your drawing skills

But it’s equally if not more

important to grow your business knowledge to understand how the industry works to learn how to use social media platforms to your advantage to make

connections and to learn from people who are more

experienced than you I think a big mistake that a lot of beginners make is they they focus only on the technical drawing part without

paying any attention to the business side of things if you want to make a living as an artist or an animator you need to

Grow both of these skills at the same time and somehow as a 14 year old

I intuitively understood that and I started looking for work as soon as I had the tablet

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t good enough yet. I volunteered on other people’s web comics. I entered drawing contests

I did free Commission’s and art trades

I always pretended that I was more

experienced than I actually was because that would get my foot in the door and by doing the gig that I wasn’t good at I

Was learning and getting better in the process

I worked for free on a lot of indie projects and it wasn’t until 2009 that I earned my first $5 for this drawing

Right here. There was no way for me to get paid online at that time

So the guy mailed me the five dollar bill all the way to Romania in an envelope to be honest

I think he may have paid more on the postage than the value of the five dollar bill inside of the envelope

Of course nowadays is much easier to get paid you have PayPal coffee patreon people don’t need to mail you the payment

But I’m glad that that happened because to this day I still have my first five dollar bill framed on my desk the following years

I started getting more and more Commission work. I never really owned a lot

But I was doing what I loved and the few dollars that I was earning here and there motivated me to keep going in

2011 when I was 19, I moved to Denmark by myself to study web design of all things

my mom pushed me in this direction because supposedly web design pays a lot and it’s

Kind of in the same area of what I was doing on my own, but if I knew then what I know now

I would have never gone to college

It slowed me down so much and it took away precious time that I could have put into

Developing the path that I was already on and spoiler alert. I later dropped out of college

Anyway, this is a very common misconception and I get this question probably every day

Did you go to animation school or art school to study art?

And it annoys the living goofs out of me because you don’t study art

You learn art by

making art by going to college you are forced into somebody else’s learning structure and time frame and it’s usually much slower and

Inadequate to your personal learning needs if you’re ambitious enough

You’re watching tutorials

going on forums connecting with other artists on the same level that you’re on and you’re going to develop much faster and more efficiently if

You have the ambition for it now

I’ve been

purposefully leaving out the animation part out of this video so far because it’s important to understand that I never set out to

Become an animator. I did experiment with animation in middle school

For example, all of my notebooks had little stickman flipbook animations on them in 2007

I was making full-on animation shorts on deviantART

but it was always secondary to my goal of becoming a comic book artist, which

Eventually faded off one of the reasons for that being that I was colorblind. Oops

When I started my youtube channel in 2013, I was doing a lot of fan art for popular youtubers speed art videos

I was too shy to record my voice in any of the videos

So having a big youtube channel with a dedicated audience was a foreign concept to me at that point

I felt more comfortable telling other people’s stories

So I started experimenting with fan

Animations taking clips from popular channels and animating them one channel in particular that I loved around that time was SourceFed r.i.p

and after three or four fan animations that I did for them philip defranco reached out to me and he was like

Hey, I see what you’re doing here. Would you like to make these weekly animations on the SourceFed channel?

And I was like, oh, yeah

So he passed me over to the SourceFed producers and for the following two years I made over

200 animations for them and I learned so much in the process. I developed my own style my visual sense of humor

I learned what audiences want and how to play off of what they’re giving me. I then worked for Smosh for about a year

I did some freelance animation for other companies here and there but eventually I just got tired of animating other people’s stories

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with all of these people

They have indirectly taught me a lot of what I know today

But it wasn’t creatively fulfilling for me to keep doing that in the long term and the straw that broke the camel’s back

Was the now infamous situation where I had to turn down working with Kylie Jenner

I wanted to tell my stories I wanted to talk about my thoughts

So when the kylie jenner video started getting traction, it was sort of my pokemon evolution my super sand

Transformation I dropped everything I was doing I stopped working for other people

And I put all of my efforts into my own channel, and the rest of course is history

Here’s the key points that I recommend you take away from this video

Number one don’t expect someone else to give you all of the solutions on a silver platter

Don’t just message me or the odd ones out expecting us to give you the magical solution

That’s gonna make you great overnight as rude as that sounds

Established animators don’t have the time to reply to every message instead go get involved in art

Communities and forums where there’s many people just like you willing to help each other out

Number two when you’re just starting out

You don’t need to be an expert to find work volunteer on small-scale

Indie projects do free art Commission’s connect with other artists build your online presence little by little now this may sound contradictory

To what I said in the Kylie Jenner video where I advise people to put a price tag on their time

but this is a balance you alone have to judge when to work for free and when it’s time to charge for your time and

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that. It’s a lesson that you will have to learn through your own experience

Number three forget about the myth that you need to go to art school

Especially if you live in a country where the tuition is gonna put you in debt and number four

Understand the digital art and animation is a career that you’re going to have for the rest of your life

Don’t compare yourself to people with millions of subscribers. I got my first Wacom tablet when I was 14

I’m about to turn 27 next month

It took me 13 years to get to the point where you see me now

And I’m nowhere near where I’m going to be five years from now or 10 years from now

You’re on a continuous learning journey, and you will never be perfect

You will never know everything there is to know

You can only strive to be better than you were last year and the year for now

Once again, this is not the perfect blueprint. This is not the perfect solution

These are my experiences

And I hope you take away something from this video that’s going to inspire you and put you on your own journey

Even if most likely for you that’s gonna take a much different form than the steps that I had to go through

Now when Wacom reached out to sponsor this video

it was one of those full-circle moments because I’ve been using

Wacom products since I was a kid, and they’ve always been the market leader when it comes to drawing tablets

they’ve just released the new Cintiq 16 model and this is a great move by Wacom because for a long time their display tablets have

Been in the thousands of dollars price range the new Cintiq 16 is only six hundred and forty nine dollars

Which makes it affordable to?

Intermediary artists who don’t feel quite ready yet to invest twice or three times the amount on a full spec Cintiq pro display tablet now

Keep in mind if you’re just starting out and you don’t want to invest in a display tablet

You can always get a drawing tablet without a screen

I would recommend something like a Wacom Intuos which is I think around $70

but if you’re looking for a display tablet and you’re on the budget

I think the Cintiq 16 is a really good option

the screen size is fifteen point six inches full HD resolution with an

Anti-glare screen it connects to your computer with a three-in-one cable

So it’s not very messy

If you want to move to tablet around the pen doesn’t need batteries it draws power from the screen itself

It comes with tilt support

It feels very natural to hold in your hand because Wacom pens are designed

ergonomically for long-term

Use which is something I can’t say for a lot of the other competitors to read the full specs of the product check the link

In the description if you’re looking for a display tablet, you’re definitely gonna want to check this out. Thank you for watching this

I’ll see you again very soon

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Cảm ơn bạn đã xem bài viết này. Hẹn gặp lại bạn sớm nhất